The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: It (Gulp!) Exists

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In a previous post, we wrote the following headline: Kim Kardashian sex tape rumors make the rounds.

Looks like we can cross out the word rumors now, readers. There we go.

Sad Kardashians

In a conversation with TMZ, Kardashian claims that she has nothing to do with the sale of a raunchy sex tape ... but doesn't deny its existence. And that's good enough for us to count it as fact.

"There is no tape being shopped" Kim said. "Ray J and I remain friends, and there is nothing he would do to spite me."

Ray J, of course, is Brandy's brother and Kardashian's ex. They reportedly made a tape during their relationship that is being shopped to several adult video companies. Somehow, David Hans Schmidt does not seem to be involved.

One source, who has seen the tape, claims it features oral sex and water sports.

We wonder if this makes it any different than the Keeley Hazell sex tape.

Kardashian claims that word of the sex tape first spread after Ray J left a note on her MySpace page saying:

"Let's show the world our sex tape."

That does pretty much sum it up, yes.

Kim's best friend, Paris Hilton, really got this whole celebrity sex tape thing started a few years ago.

Can you blame Kardashian for wanting to keep up?

We certainly can't.


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