Neil Patrick Harris Weighs in On Grey's Feud

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Last week, we reported that John Mayer had a way to fix the Grey's Anatomy rift caused. Now someone else is throwing in his two sense.

Neil Patrick Harris, the star of How I Met Your Mother who first became a household name when he portrayed Doogie Howser, M.D., came out of the closet last fall right after Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight came out - only Knight did so after co-star Isaiah Washington made a gay slur on the set.

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Then, at the Golden Globes last week, the situation came full circle when Grey's Anatomy won Best TV Drama. Prompted by the press, Washington vigorously denied making the slur about Knight... while repeating said slur. Two days later, Knight told Ellen DeGeneres how Washington did indeed make the slur.

Here's Harris' take:

"T.R. has proven himself to be an incredibly classy, dignified guy," he said. "I'm impressed that Katherine Heigl said what she said. I was shocked that it all reared its ugly head again... I was just sort of stunned that anyone would want to rehash any of that. But I think the people, the classier people, handled it as they always do."

Unlike Mayer, Harris wouldn't comment or speculate - seriously or not - on what punishment should be doled out to the homophobe with a history of violence.

"It's impossible for me to make any kind of comment about that because I wasn't there when it happened," Harris said. "It's just disappointing that it's... cyclical."

It is disappointing. You know what else is disappointing? That Perez Hilton is getting rich trying to out gay celebs and making the lives of stars like Lance Bass a living hell.

Anyway, as far as Harris' own coming out, the actor hinted that his choice to go public was fueled by a desire not to be exposed in such a fashion as Knight.

"It's been a bit of a non-story to be honest," he said. "The one thing I didn't want was to have to make a statement in retaliation or in response to a quasi-scandalous event, because you never want to be defensive. I felt that there was this sort of kindling burning underneath, a story was being searched for. I just never wanted to live my life in a way where I was backdooring and cowering and trying to, like, avoid. So I think the statement that I made sort of quieted the speculation."

We applaud Neil for the mature way he handled his life-changing decision last fall and for his comments on this matter. It's good to see that for every worthless Cisco Adler type we come across in this business, there's a classy Neil Patrick Harris to cancel things out.

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