Beyonce Spreads Christmas Cheer in NYC

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Beyonce Knowles may hate Jennifer Hudson - but she loves helping those in need.

The lovely lady friend of Jay-Z will hand out gifts to underprivileged kids in New York before heading to Houston this weekend for a traditional family Christmas.

Jigga Man and B

"I do the same thing every year. I start out in New York passing toys out at children's homes," Beyonce said. "Then I fly to Houston to my mother's house, and she cooks. She cooks yams, and macaroni and cheese, and spicy turkey and greens."

From there, Knowles leaves the gift-giving up to Santa. Hopefully, he's sobered up now after a few nights out with Snoop Dogg.


The New York gift giving thing is and has always been Jay-Z's thing. Maybe she should have said "we" do the same thing every year ~ even though it's only been about 3 years for her and many more for him.


I think Beyonce' should be ashamed of herself. For all of these years she has been in the spotlight as being in a group she was always the one in the spotlight and even when she got by herself as a solo she was still in the spotlight. Her and Jennifer was co- stars in a movie together. this was suppose to be jen's opportunity to help herself out as starting her career. I thinkpersonallyu beter than Beyonce and Beynce should be proud of jen and stop acting like a sopiled BITCH!


how dare U assume that someone U dont know hates another human being!!!
there is not a hateful bone in her soul!
although she needs to learn how 2 hate haters
like U!!!


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