Michael Richards Goes on Insane, Unfunny Racial Rant

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After exploding on a pair of African-American hecklers during a recent stand-up show at LA's Laugh Factory, former Seinfeld star, Michael Richards, can expect two things:

  1. The end of his career in Hollywood
  2. A bouquet of flowers from Mel Gibson

Indeed, the Richards rant makes Mel's maliciousness appear downright friendly. The portrayer of Cosmo Kramer began screaming at one of the men: "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass."

And that was merely the beginning. The comedian made Anna Nicole Smith appear calm and rational as he continued:

"You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherf**ker. Throw his ass out. He's a n-gger! He's a n-gger! He's a n-gger! A n-gger, look, there's a n-gger!"

TMZ.com actually has video of the outburst, as one of the men who was the object of Michael Richards' tirade shouted back: "That''s un-f***ing called for, ain't necessary."

The exchange lasted about three minutes, with most of the crowd leaving faster than fans at a Kevin Federline concert.

Attempts to reach Richard's reps were unsuccessful. But Jason Alexander recently had a lot to say; no, not the Seinfeld alum. The guy who briefly married and bedded Britney Spears.


There is no redemption from such comments. People can excuse him on the basis that black comedians might use similar words but that makes no sense as Richards comments cannot be interperated any other way than racism. I honestly thought he must have been on drugs from the lack of discression. It wasn't one comment it was a rant that just went on and on.
He had plenty of opportunity to stop yet he just kept going on. Way past the point of no return. You cannot defend such comments unless you are racist. I didn't think Jerry was defending Richards, more just trying to diffuse the situation. They probably won't talk much after this.


About Richard's outburst, only Nazi's would
talk like that'or the KKK clan. yes Sir I heard it
all,he is finnished. kapput;;;;;;
Good luck Micky!!!!!!!!!!!!


WTF. Isn't it understood that if you heckle a comedian you open the door to get a beat down. They can dish it out but can't take it.
Completely unacceptable. Micheal Richards backing off and apologizing is wrong he should stand his ground.


If we take a look at the larger scope of comedians, stand-ups, comedy movies - there will be very few that don't make fun of a stereotype of anyone. Jokes about these stereotypes all come down to a very basic thing: racial profiling and the normalization of stereotypes. Black dudes always have rhythm and soul while white dudes can't dance and they all wear khaki's, ties, and have no sexual identity. Mexicans are selling burritos and shout arriba when they are excited. The biggest out profiling uses is: it's comedy. It's sorta true and sorta not. It's not funny when people rather accept it as the straight truth than go out and meet enough black white hispanic romanian, woman or man and find out where these stereotypes are truth and when they are comedy.


what did he say that every black comedian who takes the stage hasn't said. i don't think it is right for anyone to use the "n" word but it seems black people use it more than anyone else. I think that racism in general is based on ignorance. But until everyone quits using that word why should only the white people get in trouble for using it?


Ahhhh, Michael Richards....... what did you do?? I used to like you, but now I don't see how I can anymore. I'm so dissapointed. I feel badly for you - your career is likely over and your world is spiraling away, but it's all your own undoing, your own ignorance and hatred. I can't believe people actually think like that.


What Micheal Richards did, shows that inside his heart he is a full blown portrait of what a white surpremacist is. He apologized because he knows it will hurt his career if he didn't. That apology will never erase the fact that the hatred and anger he showed to others is the true intent of his evil, full of hatred heart towards all non white individuals. This is the end of your career buddy. It's also very sad that Jerry Seinfeld came to his defence so fast afterwards granted that Jerry and his ancestors have seen and lived on the other side of that kind of hatred. Jerry, this will also hurt your credibility..if you think this was going to help your new release of the Seinfeld shows DVD"s you should have thought about defending a racist......


Here's my latest thought for those interested in having one. Hate is just wrong. We all need to calm down and stop ripping eachothers hearts out. I pray for a peaceful and quiet future free of all this hostility. PLEASE, whatever your stance, stop with this hateful judgement already. Do you really think it's impossible to treat others like brothers? We've got to learn to practice what we preach. How about giving up this war against everyone and thing that we can attack. For the love of God, Please, I beg of you whoever you are, take a breath and think about all the damage that anger causes regaurdless of where it's directed. We've taken the easy road for millenia. Isn't it time to get along?


James Hatch you are one ignorant fool. You would never say ANY of this in public where everyone could see your face. COWARD! Racial tensions have been around forever and will never go away. It's hard for blacks (and any other group of minorities) to educate themselves and prosper in a country where the dominate race is in control. Richard is not scared of anyone. It's OBVIOUS that he is a racist who let his thoughts and feelings slip. It's a GAME for most people. The game is to see how well you can hide the fact that you're a racists because NO ONE wants to be called a racist....they could be SUED! Micahel Richards lost the game and hopefully he will lose his carrer. That might scare any other closet racists to stay hidden and keep their mouths shut.


To the guy James Hatch, dude you're a freaking idiot. And it shows in the trash you just posted here on this sight. Thats why you will forever be poor, because you repress yourself with your own ignorance. Educate yourself and remember the world is much bigger than the trailer park you crawled from.