Yet Another George Michael Sex Scandal?

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Is another George Michael sex scandal brewing?

Several British papers are reporting that Michael was seen emerging from the bushes of a London park last Tuesday -- and they are saying this was following an alleged sexual tryst with another man, who goes by the name Norman Kirtland.


Police reportedly have no plans to investigate, but the alleged encounter nevertheless conjures up memories of 1998, when Michael was caught by an undercover police officer (allegedly) trying to have sex in a California public bathroom.

The timing is intriguing as well, for the latest alleged incident comes as Michael plans to marry his longtime partner, Kenny Goss. The two have said they will marry later this year, and Goss is said to be supporting Michael despite the alleged reports. Goss insists that Michael only wants his sex, not yours, and both say that you gotta have faith... in the legal system.

Michael, 43, released a statement insisting the stories are not true. The singer, who has sold an estimated 80 million records over the course of his career, also made headlines in February when he was arrested on suspicion of drug possession after being found slumped in his car at the corner of a busy London intersection.

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I do understand that fame comes along with a commitment, good behavior and reputation but W.T.F!!! they are humans too! There's worse human beings outhere, attacking our children, abusive parents, alcoholic mothers, drug addicts that make our kids grow in the worse atmosphere! he's gay? so what? who are u to judge? he got his pennis sucked? sooo whaaat? how many of you had sex on a public restroom?? stop playing saint and get it over with... Yes Mike is awesome, I love him, he's still around and gave us the best concerts this 2008! (and I am 29 years old, I appreciate great music)


This guy is still in the news?!? How long ago was Wham? I say we now say: bam, thank you ma'am!