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It’s been only a few days since the public first learned of Kylie Jenner’s breakup with Tyga, and while the former has stayed mum on the subject, the latter’s been doing some talking.

Earlier this week, the rapper broke his silence by telling reporters asking about the split that he was doing "good, you know" and trying to "achieve big things and evolve."

it was a little generic.

But TMZ caught up with Tyga at LAX, and he went a little deeper.

When asked whether he thought the age difference between him and the 18-year-old played a role in their relationship’s demise, Tyga took a long pause, as if trying hard to remember the script his publicist gave him.

Finally, he offered this:

"I think, you know… we’re both just focused on our individual lives right now. Sometimes things just don’t work out, you know."

"But I love her,” he added.

When asked if there’d always be love between them, he answered, "For sure."

Of course, what celebs say to the paparazzi is often in contrast to what they say when off the mic.

Earlier this week, a source claimed he called Kylie a "fake b*tch," annoyed that she posed for a pic and pretended to bury the hatchet with her longtime foe and Tyga’s baby mama, Blac Chyna.

Speaking of Blac Chyna, in the video below, Tyga speaks on her pregnancy, too.

When asked about it, he first flashes a knowing grin to his buddy, like, watch how I spin this shiz, bruh.

He mumbled something about how people "grow" and used the word "evolve" again (word of the week?), then returned to his standard response:

"Everybody should have the opportunity at love."

But when the pap asked if he thought Rob Kardashian would be a good stepdad to his son King Cairo, he drew the line.

"Don’t go too far with that," he said bluntly.

I think he just spoke volumes.