Two-Legged Cat Walks with Wheelchair, Inspires All

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Take a seat, Milkshake Squirrel.

You've had your 15 minutes in the spotlight, Pizza Rat.

It's time to meet, and marvel over, #MiracleKitten.

Named Cassidy, this feline was born without his two back legs. Yet somehow, some way, he managed to survive for nine weeks on his own in the forest until he was rescued just as his body was starting to give out due to starvation.

Thanks to the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, Cassidy was nursed back to health - and then, thanks to Andrew at, he was presented with a miniature wheelchair.

In the video featured here (set, amazingly, to "Eye of the Tiger"), Cassidy takes his first two unassisted steps.

Don't be ashamed if you shed a few tears while watching. Lord knows that we did.

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