Tom Hanks to Chet Haze: STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!

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In case you were lucky enough to miss it, Chet Haze used the N-word on Instagram repeatedly last week. '

The problem, of course, is that the aspiring rapper is not only white, but also the son of Tom Hanks, which means that he's inherited a condition known as "super-whiteness."

Chet deleted his Instagram last week, but he's sticking to his guns with regard to his right to throw around whatever racial slurs he fancies.

Not surprisingly, Chet says his parents just don't understand when it comes to his insistence on publicly using words that millions of people associate with centuries of bigotry and hate.

In fact, as he explains in the video above, Tom and Rita think Chet should stay off of social media altogether!

Damn, son. Sounds like them haters need to let a playa play, nah mean? Sheeee-it.

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