Tom Brady Mocks DeflateGate in This Foot Locker Ad

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Tom Brady did not find anything about DeflateGate remotely funny.

Not even when he talked at length about his balls.

But now that Brady has served his four-game suspension and now that he's playing at an MVP-like level and now that his New England Patriots are sitting on top the AFC... well...

... he can laugh a little over it.

Tom Brady Foot Locker Ad Photo

Or get really angry over it as a form of parody, to be more specific, when it comes to a new Foot Locker commercial.

In a new ad that celebrates Foot Locker's annual "Week of Greatness," Brady yells at a couple of shoppers, subtly mocking the scandal that played out for way too long and which somehow managed to cost Brady a quarter of a season.

As a pair of young men sit down at a diner and wonder how the sale can "keep getting better after all these years," Brady takes umbrage over their viewpoint.

"That's an unfortunate mindset you've got there," Mr. Gisele says "Just because something is great year after year, doesn't mean anything is going on. Why can't some things just be great?"

"It starts with questions, then questions turn into assumptions, and then assumptions turn into vacations.

"So why would you punish the Week of Greatness for something that never even happened?"

It looks like someone may need to work on his anger issues. But not his acting.

Brady is outstanding!


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