Toddler Has Greatest Reaction EVER to New Adele Single

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Adele has only been back on the music scene for a couple weeks now, but the superstar singer has already elicited quite the enthusiastic response to her return.

Common folks and celebrities alike have been positively gushing over her first new single in three years, the emotional ballad "Hello."

It didn't take long for Adele to even knock Taylor Swift from the record books after coming out with this beautiful track.

But of all the responses we've seen and heard out there, none is better than that of a young boy named Jalal.

In this amazing Vine, the toddler is seated alongside his dad on the couch, just kicking back and having a relaxing afternoon.

Just then, Adele's music video comes on the television screen... and you can guess what the young man says upon hearing Adele sing "Hello," can't you?

He says "hi" right back, of course! What good manners!

Many have speculated about the basis for Adele's latest single, with fans assuming it's either about an ex-boyfriend or about her father, who abandoned the star when she was a child.

Either way, there's little doubt that this is a sentimental song, a sad track that typically makes it listeners think about life.

But in case it gets you down, all you need to do is watch the following footage to be brought up once again. Who can cry about exes or messed up parent when a child adorably mugs for the camera like this?

See for yourself now:

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