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In a new interview for TV One’s Uncensored, actress Tiffany Haddish tells a terrific story about Beyonce.

Yes, we know: all stories about Beyonce are terrific.

Because she’s Beyonce and she’s the most terrific person alive.

In this case, however, Haddish is here to explain what will happen if you ever try to his on Queen Bey’s man in front of her.

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The rising superstar says in the video below that she was chatting with the rapper after one of his concerts when another unnamed actress come over and made her presence felt.

In a way that did NOT sit well with Beyonce.

“I was talking to Jay-Z for a little bit,” Haddish explains in the following clip.

“And there was another actress that was there who was also talking to Jay-Z. [The actress] touched Jay-Z’s chest and Beyoncé came walking up like . . . ‘Biittchh!’ but, she didn’t say that.

"Her demeanor, her body from the way she walked up on them said, ‘Get your hands off my man’s chest.’”

Beyonce Dresses as Oshun
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According to Haddish, Beyonce wasn’t done with this other woman, either.

"And so then she started talking to that actress and some other stuff happened," Haddish continued.

"But I ain’t gonna say nothin’ yet. But it’s gonna be in these streets, you gonna know."

This alleged incident very likely took place on the same night the 20-time Grammy winner discouraged Haddish from getting into a separate fight, perhaps with the unnamed actress cited above.

“I’m not at liberty to say what had went down at the party, but Beyonce was just telling me to have a good time, and I was like, ‘No, I’m gonna end up fighting this bitch!’” Kaddish told Vulture last month.

“She was like, ‘No, have fun, Tiffany,’ and I said, ‘I’m only going to have fun if you take a selfie with me.’”

Beyonce Remains Queen
Photo via Instagram

In case you weren’t already aware, Haddish is totally and completely awesome.

Haddish shared the photo to Instagram on December 22 with the caption:

“@beyonce was telling me that my wig was slipping . . . But for real she told me to have fun and I DID!”

We love it.

Check out Haddish talking about Bey and Jay below: