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An accusation will fly this Sunday in Maryland.

Those who watch The Real Housewives of Potomac online or on television this Sunday will see Karen Huger telling Ashley Darby that her husband, Michael Darby, made a mistake when he made a surprise appearance during the women’s’ recent vacation at the Darbys’ Bethany Beach residence.

In the following sneak peek, Karen informs Ashley that the getaway to this home was a success… with the exception of the final six hours after Michael just showed up unannounced on the final evening.

Several of the cast members, including Karen, had issues about a man staying in the same house as all the women.

However, Ashley doesn’t exactly see Karen’t side.

"You decided to all of a sudden have a tantrum like a 5-year-old, as [fellow Housewife] Charrisse [Jackson Jordan] did one night," she says.

Oh, yes, things are about to get intense!

"I believe that Michael would not do that again," Karen says in response. "I think Michael is a mature man."

Have you been staying current on The Real Housewives of Potomac? Think it will get a second season? Think it should?

Check out the following clip now: