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Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for The Girl on the Train, which opens nationwide on October 7 and which leaves us with just one question:

Is it October 7 yet?!?

The wildly anticipated movie, which is baed on the Paula Hawkins novel by the same title, stars Emily Blunt as a woman named Rachel.

She’s an alcoholic who grows obsessed with a couple she sees every day while riding on the train work.

After the woman she has been spying on for so long disappears, Rachel won’t rest until she finds out what happened … and ultimately ends up entangled in the investigation.

Allison Janney is also featured prominently in this trailer, appearing as a detective who has suspicions about Rachel.

"Did you murder Megan Hipwell," Janney’s character asks at one point?

"No," Blunt replies, although it becomes clear that she really has no idea what she is capable of.

The Girl on the Train stars Justin Theroux, Rebecca Ferguson, Luke Evans and Bennett while Tate Taylor, best known for his work on The Help, directs the movie.

Check out the intriguing trailer now: