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Get ready, Bachelor Nation.

Get set.

And prepare to go totally bananas over the latest promo for Clare Crawley’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

Photo via ABC

As you may or may not have heard by now… okay, let’s be honest, OF COURSE you’ve heard by now if you’re here reading this… Clare is about to embark on a run of epiosdes unlike any in franchise history.

Because she’ll be secluded at a resort in California with her 30 potential husbands, as a result of the coronavirus? Yes.

But also because Crawley will reportedly fall in love with a suitor named Dale Moss almost immediately upon meeting him.

Where will things go from there?

Photo via ABC

According to Reality Steve, many outlets and all The Bachelorette spoilers we’ve combed through, Crawley and producers will agree that there’s no point in Clare continuing on with the season.

Not once she’s already so smitten, you know?

As a result, Clare will leave and Tayshia Adams will swoop in to take over as The Bachelorette.

But this won’t happen before plenty of emotion is spilled on screen.

Photo via abc

In this new preview, for example, Crawley berates one of her contestants.

"Do not talk to me like that!" she screams.

Elsewhere, at least one of the men breaks down in tears.

And still elsewhere, Crawley thanks the Lord for giving her such "fine" men from which to choose a soulmate, and also remarks that she’s in "the perfect place to fall in love."

Toward the end of the video, Chris Harrison shows up and says the following to Clare:

“Congratulations, you’ve just blown up The Bachelorette."

No one associated with the show has confirrmed all of these Clare-leaves-and-Tayshia-jumps-in rumors… but they’re not even rumors at this point.

ABC is just dancing around the subject as a way to hype what’s on tap.

Clare Crawley is the Bachelorette in 2020

And what is on tap?

Only "the most shocking season ever," this trailer also promises.

Might that actually be true for a change, however? We’ll see!

And you can see what we mean now via the video featured here. Enjoy!