Teresa Guidice Interrogated at RHONJ Reunion: Is Luis a Manipulative Horndog?

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Since they began dating, fans have heard many things about Teresa's new man.

Some have been steamy. Others have been downright alarming.

Despite all of that, Teresa Giudice is head over heels for Luis Ruelas.

But at the Reunion, she faced some tough questions about her new love.

Teresa Giudice at the Reunion Part 2 (season 11)

At Part 2 of the Season 11 RHONJ Reunion, Luis Ruelas was a hot topic.

On Wednesday night's episode, the Reunion highlighted the early stages of his romance with Teresa.

This is when Teresa shared that she had spoken with other guys before Luis, but claimed that they were "nothing serious."

Luis "Louie" Ruelas and Teresa

As for her relationship with Luis, she had a lot to say.

She and Luis do exchange "I love you" with each other -- an important relationship milestone.

She also gets along well with Luis children -- his sons are 17 and 19 years old.

Teresa Giudice Teases Fans

Teresa also gets along with Luis' ex wife.

Very naturally, Teresa's own former spouse came up.

She was asked if Joe Giudice ever confessed to her that he had cheated on her.

Luis Ruelas with Teresa

"No he didn't," Teresa answered. Using childish language, she explained.

"Listen, I'm the type that, he sticks his pee-pee in someone else, he's never gonna stick it in me again," she characterized.

"I would never go for that," Teresa said. "I never caught him."

Teresa Giudice Wants to Make Peace

Teresa said that she was entirely faithful to Joe, even during his prison sentence.

She revealed that, outside of Joe, Luis is the only man with whom she has had sex in the last 20 years.

That is quite something, especially considering some of the rumors and public sightins of Teresa after her split from Joe.

Giudice Extended Family Dinner

Speaking of Joe, Teresa and Luis very famously had dinner with him in the Bahamsa.

"It really wasn't weird,' Teresa characterized.

"The kids were like, 'Mom, make sure there's not a too much TMI," she said ... referring to PDA. Oh, Teresa.

Joe Giudice, daughters, and Teresa Giudice in the Bahamas

"[Joe] did tell Gia, 'Seeing your mom with someone else, it broke my heart into a million pieces,'" Teresa described.

"I did feel bad," she admitted. "I wasn't trying to hurt him or anything."

As for how her girls are handling the split, well, it's sort of half and half.

Giudice Extended Family Dinner

Teresa shared that Gabriella and Audriana are handling this in stride.

Gia and Milania, on the other hand, "have deep issues about it."

As a result, they are in therapy -- and so is Teresa, who wants to better understand how her girls are feeling about it.

Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Jackie Goldschneider

Teresa also shared that Luis is a longtime viewer of RHONJ, having "watched it all."

He told her "I'm going to treat you like you've never been treated before."

Inspirational ... or a prelude to the love-bombing manipulation tactic of which he has been accused.

Teresa Giudice with Boyfriend

Andy did delve into reports from Luis' exes, describing him as a sex fiend and as a vindictive manipulator.

Of course, Andy was more diplomatic than that, asking if Luis is "sex obsessed" as described and wants it four times a day.

"Obviously, you can't believe everything you read, but yeah, I have found my match," Teresa replied.

Louis Ruelas Kisses Teresa

When asked if reports about Luis had "scared" her, Teresa shared that she had brushed it off.

"Not at all," Teresa answered. "I told him to just ignore it."

She also described former castmate Kim DePaola as a "dirty sewer rat" for discussing the reports that Luis is emotionally abusive.

Melissa Gorga, Dolores Catania, and Teresa Giudice at the Reunion

"I feel bad for him that this is being done because of me," Teresa expressed.

She then added: "These girls are so thirsty."

We certainly hope that Teresa's experiences with Luis continue to be different than those described by his exes.

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