Tarek El Moussa: Oh God, Is He Banging The Nanny Again?

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A sweet but suspicious post on Instagram is making a lot of fans wonder: is Tarek El Moussa banging the nanny ... again?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa finalized their divorce early this year, but it's unclear if he's actually dating anyone at the moment.

Some fans are uneasy after seeing him buy a brand new car for his nanny.

Tarek El Moussa on Instagram

In a new video that he shared on Instagram, Tarek presents Nanny Mossy with a brand new car.

"Happy birthday to our nanny, Mossy!!" Tarek writes in the captions.

Birthdays are a big deal, but gifts of cars are few and far between for people who aren't family -- or in a relationship.

Tarek goes on to praise Mossy, writing: "She has the most important job in the world."

In his family's world, absolutely.

He clarifies what he means about her job, writing: "which [is] helping me raise Tay and Bray!"

Nanny Mossy

"The kids love her so much," Tarek continues. "We couldn't imagine life without her!!"

That, by the way, is part of why you should never bang the nanny. A breakup or firing could turn their world upside down.

"Plus," Tarek adds. "She makes me the best food."

He is really hyping her up to his fans and followers. Perhaps to explain why she merits the gift of a brand new car.

"She's 100 percent part of our family," Tarek affirms. "And we [red heart emoji] her!!"

It was probably wise of him to highlight that he sees her as a family member before putting any red heart emojis into the mix.

Tarek El Moussa buys nanny new car

Tarek then makes his announcement.

"I surprised her with a new Lexus for her birthday," Tarek writes. "At Lexus of Newport Beach."

Note that he plugs these very specific places and dealers. This may be relevant.

Tarek continues. "My brother @jaredjstar25 owner of J star motors in Anaheim Hills connected us with the dealer!"

"Thanks again Jared!" Tarek concludes, tagging: "@jstarautogroup @newportlexus"

Back when Tarek and Christina were first going through their split, it was said that he romantically pursued his nanny at the time, Alyssa Logan.

And now there's this -- which some would consider an extravagant gift. Does he have a nanny thing?

Nanny Mossy new Car

Life & Style wrote up an InTouch Weekly post on what their sources say is the real situation between Tarek and the nanny.

"Friends think he has the hots for Mossy," the insider explains.

"She's just his type," the source continues. "And she’s amazing with Brayden and Taylor, which he would find really attractive."

Some men get their wires crossed and feel automatically attracted to any woman who is taking care of their children.

Some men are just attracted to any woman who's attractive, so there's also that.

Tarek El Moussa and Taylor El Moussa

The insider says: "Being good with kids is definitely something he looks for in a woman."

But they think that part of this just comes down to his personality.

"Tarek is a huge flirt," the source describes. "And has always had a thing for hot girls."

We're not sure if has a thing for hot girls is super unique.

Christina, Tarek, Daughter

So, what does Christina El Moussa think of all of this?

"She really likes Mossy," the source says. "But rolled her eyes when she found out he'd bought her something that expensive."

That's fair, honestly.

As for the car, the insider has a theory.

Tarek "really seems like he’s trying to impress her!"

Tarek El Moussa with Children

Buying someone a car is a big deal, no matter how small of a drop in the bucket the price might be for you.

We don't know exactly how much Tarek paid, but the car is $40,000.

Tarek's total net worth has been estimated to be around $4 million. That would make this about 1% of his net worth.

While spending 1% of your net worth just means buying a sandwich if you only have $1,000, that percentage starts meaning a lot more as you accumulate wealth.

Tarek El Moussa and Brayden

But, as we said, we don't know how much he actually shared.

As Starcasm notes, this post seems less like a gift between lovers and more like a car commercial. This basically seems like product integration.

They also note that, if this were a romantic relationship, it would seem more likely that he would film her reaction when he first tells her about the gift.

Instead, he just films her seeing the car while plugging some names. Which is not the sexiest thing that we've ever seen on Instagram.

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