Stephen Amell Suffers Abrupt Panic Attack During Interview

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Arrow is coming to an end. Stephen Amell is hanging up his bow, and Oliver Queen cannot be replaced.

Stephen is the first to admit that the end that he asked for is hitting him hard. In one interview, he suffered a sudden panic attack.

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Stephen Amell and Michael Rosenbaum both starred on long-running DC series. Stephen, of course, plays Oliver Queen on Arrow.

Michael played Lex Luthor on Smallville and also voiced The Flash (Wally West) on Superman The Animated SeriesJustice League, and Justice League: Unlimited.

Michael opted out of reprising his role for the massive Crisis crossover event that featured countless callbacks and surprise guests.

Still, Michael was a natural choice for the actor who started Arrow and therefore heralded its many spinoffs that dominate The CW and beyond.

Stephen Amell for The CW's Arrow

In recent interviews, such as the one that we have included here, Stephen has been extremely honest about his emotions.

Was he ready for his role as Oliver Queen to end? Yes. In fact, it was his request, during Season 6. 

Greg Berlanti talked him into the eighth season as a farewell, which was a smart move.

Stephen admits that he cries "every day." All things considered, that sounds healthy as he bids farewell to the past decade of his career.

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But in his podcast interview with Michael Rosenbaum, Stephen did not do nearly so well.

He was speaking about how he had been "struggling" to accept that the hsow is coming to an end.

Stephen opened up about how the reality of it all had left him "mentally exhausted."

He mentioned that it got so bad that he "laid on the couch" and "didn't eat" for two days. That's not good for you.

Stephen Amell At Philadelphia Comic Con 2016

"Is it hot in here or am I just sweating?" Stephen abruptly asked at one point.

Overheating can be horrifying on its own, but it can also be a symptom. As Michael tried to open a window, Stephen bowed out.

"I'm not feeling well at all. I think I just got to go,":Stephen told him. "I just kind of want to walk. I just need fresh air."

That was the end of his portion of the podcast interview. Afterwards, Michael explained that Stephen had suffered a panic attack and had to leave.

Stephen Amell for The CW

Michael commended Stephen for his resolve, and Stephen returned to finish the interview two weeks later.

He explained that he is currently working hard on his mental health and on self care.

That means communication with his wife, meditation, and working out.

"You want to fix it immediately but that's not the way it works," Stephen acknowledged. True.

Stephen Amell at the PCAs

Some symptoms of anxiety and mental illness manifest only in the face of direct triggers.

That's like, say, when someone with severe claustrophobia has a meltdown in an elevator or on a crowded train car.

Panic attacks, in contrast, can happen without any apparent triggers whatsoever.

It's a little like having an allergic reaction hours after exposure -- there's little to no logical explanation for it when it's happening.

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We're glad that Stephen Amell is taking care of himself as he looks to where his life and career will take him next.

Ten years ago, he was just the guy whose butt showed up on the intro to Season 1 of Dante's Cove.

Now, he's just finished eight years on one of the most successful shows in The CW's history and has spawned a small army of spinoffs.

He's also a father with a six-year-old. We're so glad that he is taking this time for himself and for his family. We've all enjoyed his work on Arrow.

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