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Stacey Dash is determined the milk her ongoing 15 Minutes of Fame for all she possibly can.

The Fox News contributor made one of the strangest appearances on television in the medium’s history Sunday night, walking out on stage at the Academy Awards after Chris Rock introduced her as "the new director of our minority outreach program."

Dash, who believes Black History Month ought to be eliminated, proceeded to cackle and tell an audience of millions:

I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month.

No one really booed. No one really cheered. Everyone just sat there in stunned, confused silence.

Rock was likely playing a joke on Dash, but the former actress is trying to get the last laugh.

She actually went backstage after her appearance and stole Jimmy Kimmel’s idea of having celebrities read Mean Tweets about themselves.

“No one likes you,” Dash reads from her phone in the following video, quoting one critic on Twitter.

"You sucked on the Oscars like you do on Fox News. Pointless," reads another.

Dash doesn’t seem to comprehend that it’s not funny when a truly unpopular star reads a bunch of insults from people who represent the majority opinion.

But, then again, Dash doesn’t seem to comprehend a whole lot in the world.

"I do what I do because I want to do it,” Dash says, adding:

"And because I believe in it. It has nothing to do with race, and I wish you would stop saying that. Everything I do is because I believe in it and I believe we are all equal …  I’m very happy about what I did and I’m proud of it."