Sam Smith Billboard Music Awards Acceptance Speech

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Sam Smith was named top male artist at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday, but the singer wasn’t able to attend to receive his award in person.

Instead, the four-time Grammy Award winner accepted the honor via satellite - and via an adorable, creative, silent, Love Actually-inspired video.

Recovering from vocal surgery and unable to speak, Smith filmed himself delivering his "speech" with cue cards, a la the 2003 classic rom-com.

Rather than profess his love for Keira Knightley, the crooner thanked his fans and gave a shout-out to a trio of his famous friends in the crowd:

  1. Sam told Taylor Swift to put $100 on black (to make him among the Billboard Music Award winners in Vegas in more ways than one).
  2. Smith assured fellow British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran that not to worry, he reserved a special dance for him at Chippendale's.
  3. And Nicki Minaj's bum ... OMG. That is all.
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Sam Smith, Billboard Music Awards
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