Sad Girl Sings Fetty Wap at Funeral for Goldfish

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We really don't mean to laugh at a toddler's pain. We want kids around the world to be relaxed and happy at all times.

But we sort of can't help it here.

The following video features a little girl who recently lost her goldfish, a pet adorably (and appropriately) named Nemo. She's very sad about it, which we very much understand.

According to the official description for this footage, however, the girl and her sister's favorite song was "679" by Fetty Wap, which prompted the depressed owner to sing the song at her late goldfish's funeral.

Again, we really don't mean to laugh at a funeral.

When a precious small human sings a rap song through her tears while mourning her fish, though? What choice do we have?!?

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