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Oh boy. Rob Kardashian just picked a side in the very public, ongoing feud between his fiance Blac Chyna and his sister Kylie Jenner.

Ever since Kylie started hawking her Kylie Lip Kits last year, we’ve been seeing video after video of the girl painting lip color on the back of her wrist and modeling them on her own pumped-up pout.

They’re actually ridiculously popular. Every time a new shade is released it sells out within literally a minute.

But wouldn’t you know it? Blac Chyna has a lip kit, too!

(By the way, the "kit" consists of a liquid lipstick and a gloss. That’s all there is to it.)

To support his lady’s business, Rob posted a video of Blac promoting her lipsticks – and what is she doing in the vid?

Applying the various shades to her arm while announcing their names, just like Kylie does in her lip kit promos.

Even the colors look the same.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I doubt that was Blac’s – or Rob’s – intention.

Last week, Blac dissed her future sister-in-law by posting a video of a girl mocking the Kylie Lip Kits by rubbing a Cheeto on her arm before applying it to her lips.

"Hey guys, the new shade of my lip kit just came out," the girl quips in the video.

So shady.

Blac also accused Kylie of copying her cooking show, Cooking With Chyna, when the youngest Jenner made yams on a show called Cooking With Kylie. Perhaps this is payback?

Rob and Blac’s wedding is supposed to take place within the year. Is there any chance Kylie will be invited?

Call your bookies and place your bets now, but at the moment I’d say the odds are about 10/1 against.