Woman Undergoes 200 Surgeries to Resemble Cartoon Character

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Botched is back for Season 5. And ridiculous video like what you're about to see is why it's already greenlit for a Season 6.

Pixee Fox is no stranger to the show. She has had over 200 cosmetic procedures to look like a "cartoon woman."

She stops by to update the doctors on what she's had done. Among other things, she now has a "doll p--sy."

Pixee Fox Returns to Botched 05

Pixee Fox has a shockingly narrow waist and a substantial bust, but her inhuman silhouette is just the tip of the iceberg with her.

In the video that we've included with this post, she boasts on Botched about how many procedures she's had.

"Since last time I was here, I had more than 20 plastic surgery procedures," Pixee brags.

She says that this is all "for my quest to look like a living cartoon."

Pixee admits that she has had "surgeries that I know that Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow would never, ever perform on me."

"This time, maybe, they can try to open up," she hopes. "And see a little bit of my vision of my life."

Pixee Fox Returns to Botched 02

"I used to be more of a tomboy," Pixee claims.

"I used to be an electrician -- I used to only do guy stuff," she characterizes. "And now I’m transforming myself from a normal girl to a living cartoon."

That is one hell of a personal transformation, we'll give her that much.

"I never really felt human," she explains.

Pixee explains: "I always felt more like a pixie, fantasy creature."

Well, at the end of that day, it's her business.

But some of what she's done to herself raises eyebrows for a good reason.

Pixee Fox Returns to Botched 03

"Just in the last year," she boasts. "I have been all over the world. I’ve been to Iran, I’ve been to India, I’ve been to Istanbul."

Her litany continues: "I’ve been to Korea, I’ve been in Dubai, I’ve been in Sweden, I’ve been all around America."

"Anything you can or can’t think of in plastic surgery; I’ve done it,” she says.

“I’ve had more than 200 plastic surgery procedures," she shares. "I have invented my own procedures."

She's not kidding, folks.

"So," she says to name an example. "I’m the only girl in the world to do an eyelash transplant with my pubic hairs."

Pixee Fox Returns to Botched 04

"I want to look like a cartoon pixie character, so pointy nose, pointy ears," she shares.

She has had an ear reduction. In Iran, she received her current nose.

It is when she talks about her "doll p--sy" that the doctors are really concerned.

Mostly, like normal people who know that most dolls do not have genitalia, they wondered what in the hell she meant.

This results in Dr. Dubrow saying: "Your vagina looks like a baby flower?"

We don't know what that means and, to be entirely honest, we're perfectly comfortable not knowing.

Pixee Fox Returns to Botched 01

Doctors Dubrow and Nassif never really know what they're in for on Botched.

Sometimes, someone went through a simple or even necessary cosmetic procedure that some monstrously incompetent doctor ruined.

At other times, however, they deal with people who have more money than sense, and seem to be addicted to cosmetic surgery.

These people become celebrities by virtue of their curious and increasingly warped appearances.

While it is totally within Pixee Fox's rights to transform her body however she likes, a lot of doctors would say "no" to her requests.

Some doctors do not hold those ethical concerns, however.

Pixee Fox Returns to Botched 06

From the clips that we've seen so far, it is not clear why Pixee Fox is appearing on the show.

Aside from her desire to flaunt the changes that she's made and elicit a reaction from the doctors, that is.

We'll have to wait a while to find out, because it's just over a month until Season 5 begins.

Botched premieres on December 6 at 10pm on E!

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