Peter Weber Meets Madison's Mother in Awkward Deleted Bachelor Scene

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As previously teased and detailed, Peter Weber is about to have many of his fantasties fulfilled on The Bachelor.

And we mean this literally:

Monday night marks the annual Fantasy Suite week on this ABC reality show -- and a certain handsome pilot is about to get down and oh so very dirty.

We're talking about sex, you guys.

An Awkward Interaction

Before making some unclothed dreams come true, however, Weber suffered through what appeared to be a nightmare conversation with the mother of Madison Prewett.

And we've got the never-before-seen-footage for you right here and now!

Last week, Weber visited the hometowns of his four remaining suitors, sitting down for some rather awkward chats with various mothers and fathers.

ABC did not air his entire exchange with Madison's mom, though, despite the back-and-forth touching on such topics as love, faith and heartbreak.

madi mom

Early on in this sneak peek, Madison's concerned parent asks her potential husband why Peter thinks he clicks so much with her daughter.

"We just have so much fun together. It's so easy. Her competitiveness, I just love," he replies. "I can 100 percent see a life with her."

Of course, there's something rather pressing about Madison that Peter doesn't know: She's a virgin.

This may not seem like a big deal (and no judgment here, certainly!), but, for one thing, Peter Weber is a man who loves to have sexual intercourse before marriage.

And, for another thing, Madison has issued an ultimatum to Peter about sex with other women that some fans think is very unfair to him.

Peter Weber in Total Shock

In this video, Madison's mom asks Peter what a life with Prewett would look like, to which he simply says it would be a "fun life together."

What's your faith? she then asks.

"I struggle with my faith at times, but I love the fact that faith is so important to her," he responds.

Are there any reservations I ought to have about you? the mother inquires.

Madison Prewett Image

"You have nothing to worry about in terms of how I will always guard her heart throughout this... she's someone I am falling in love with," says Weber.

Whoa there, right?!?

Does this mean Peter selects Madison to be his wife?

You can visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to find out...

... and you can check out this revealing deleted scene now for more.

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