Orange is the New Black Season 4 Trailer: New Blood, New Rules

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Are you ready for a return to prison?

The furlough is almost over on Netflix.

Orange is the New Black will return for its fourth season on June 17, with all 13 episodes of the comedy dropping at once. Netflix style.

Orange is the New Black Picture

In the first extended trailer for all the action and humor and drama to come, we see Piper saying how she's more afraid than she's ever been before.

This likely has something to do with the fact that Litchfield is now a for-profit business, which means over 100 new inmates will be coming on board.

As for Taystee? She appears to be Caputo's new secretary, though she's having some trouble on the job.

The preview also gives us a look at the new, violent guards... along with Blair Brown as Judy King.

She will be a full-time cast member in the role of a Martha Stewart-type of character who is stuck behind bars.

Lolly will apparently have some business at the shed, while Alex will have a big secret she needs to tell Red.

Why is Gloria hanging around a guard? Why is Suszanne in the infirmary? Is Sophia still in SHU? We have so many questions.

And we can't wait to get the answers when Orange is the New Black Season 4 returns on Friday, June 17.

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