One Direction Concludes Tour, Embraces on Stage

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One Direction has sworn over and over and over that it is not breaking up.

Yes, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan announced an extended hiatus on the way in 2016, but multiple (handsome) band members have said the same thing.

It will just be a hiatus, they've insisted. They need a break. The future of One Direction remains bright.

That may still be the (cute) company line, but fans were given a new season to worry on Sunday night.

One Direction wrapped up its “On The Road” tour with a concert in Sheffield, England by embracing on stage, engaging in a group hug that left many wondering why there was so much emotion.

Could it be because Harry and company will never tour with each other ever again?

During the show Styles said he and his musical friend would never forget their fans who supported them for “five years, four months, two weeks and a couple of days.”

Horan, meanwhile, noted on stage: “I remember five years ago when this all started.”

In addition to thanking the supports, Horan told his three bandmates that he loved them. Which is very nice and sweet and everything... but which also feels like a permanent goodbye, doesn't it?

He did add the following on Twitter, however:

“Thank you anyone who has come to watch us live over the last few years, it’s incredible to be able to play our music live for you.

"Don’t let the papers or online stuff tell you we’re not coming back. We are, I’m just going on a long holiday.”

One Direction, who recently took a shot at Taylor Swift, has a new album coming out on November 13.

But you'll be hearing against from these boys for sure.

But will we ever see them on stage again? God, let's hope so.

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