Michael Lohan Confirms: Lindsay Is Pregnant!

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Arlighty, so Lindsay Lohan is pregnant and estranged from her Russian fiance.

The one who she claimed tried to strangle her.

Well, good news.  Lohan and Egor Tarabasov are apparently bringing new life into the world, according to her father, Michael Lohan.

Lohan spoke to Page Six TV today via Skype, confirming that his daughter is, indeed, up the duff.

“She texted it to me and told me," Michael confirmed.

"Daddy, I'm pregnant," the text read.

When asked how far along she is, Michael gave the answer every dude gives:

I don’t know [how far along she is]," he said, as if it were the most insane question he's ever heard.

A source counters Michael's statement.

"She is saying she is pregnant, but it could be for attention.”

As for the baby daddy, Michael is not happy.  Ever since footage of Lindsay crying for help in her London neighborhood (claiming that he  strangled her and tried to kill her) emerge, Michael wants answers.

"I want to speak to him. He hasn’t returned any calls [or] any texts … He can refute as much as he wants. I got the texts. We’ve seen the video in the press and what she said happened, happened," Michael said.

"And it’s a serious matter.”

“They can say whatever they want to say, but when someone’s going to attack my daughter and people are going to start twisting it and saying she’s a liar, I’m going to speak up for her and I’m going to defend her.

"It’s really hard especially seeing her in that video in that state of mind after being subjected to what he did — and her standing alone there, crying out for help and there’s no one there for her.”

As for sightings of Lohan smoking on her friend's yacht, Michael said WHATEVER.

“Well, people smoke when they’re pregnant. People drink when they’re pregnant. Lindsay doesn’t drink … I’m very proud of her because through this whole thing most people might have relapsed.

"They might have had a drink or taken pills or something. She stayed clean and sober through this whole situation.”

Sooo.congrats are in order, it appears.

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