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Add another entry to our rundown of awkward celebrity interviews.

The Fantastic Four stars were peppered with very odd, mostly inappropriate questions during an appearance late last week with host Southside Steve on Rock 100.5 Morning Show in Atlanta.

First, Steve could not comprehend how an African-American actor and a white actress were portraying brother and sister in the film. 

Next, Steve grew obsessed with Mara’s appearance, telling the star she’s “way way hour” and lamenting the fact that she cut her hair.

From there, Steve honed in on Mara’s toes, admitting to a slight fetish with that body part and saying hers were very nice.

It got so bad that a publicist had to actually step in and put an end to the line of questioning at one point.

See it all for yourself and wonder how the heck Jordan and Mara remained so calm during the Q&A.