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For weeks, the world has worried and speculated at the horrible shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

Now, she is finally breaking her silence and identifying the man who shot her.

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For weeks, fans were pretty sure that they knew that Megan’s shooting was an act of domestic violence.

Only now, on an Instagram Live video, is Megan Thee Stallion confirming that “Yes, this n—a Tory shot me."

"You shot me," she reiterates, understandably angry at Tory Lanez.

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She explains that she had not planned on coming forward, but that she was forced to by his PR campaign.

"And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs," Megan accuses, "lying and s–t."

She demands that he "Stop lying!"

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Apparently, what happened on the night in question is that she and Tory were in a car.

Accompanied by one of her friends and one of Tory’s security personnel, they were headed to her house.

When an argument broke out, Megan exited the vehicle and walked off.

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According to Megan’s account of the night, Tory fired at her from the window of the car, where he was riding in the back seat.

Megan claims Lanez shot her from the window of the car, where he was riding in the back seat.

Though she suffered from gunshot wounds, she says that she witheld information about the shooting from both hospital staff and police.

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Unfortunately, misogyny and racism collide in the worst way for Black women, and so hateful trolls have accused her of fabricating the story.

"Stop trying to come on the internet and act like a Black woman, a grown ass Black woman, has a reason to lie on another Black man," Megan says on her Life.

"Even though he shot me," she notes, "I tried to spare him."

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"I go through so much s–t on a daily basis anyway," Megan remarks.

She had to undergo surgery to remove bullet fragments.

The shooting could have been much worse, but that does not mean that this was not an absolute horror.

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This week, the Los angeles County District Attorney’s Office revealed that they are reviewing a potential charge of felony assault with a firearm.

Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, could potentially face other related charges related to the weapon employed in the shooting.

However, at the moment, prosecutors have not commented on that element, and are asking the LAPD to investigate further before they finalize the charges and move forward.

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Domestic violence is a horror, one of the most evil acts that a person can commit.

Adding insult to serious, live-threatening injury is the public perception that victims — particularly Black women whose attackers were beloved rappers — should remain silent.

Many, particularly women on Black Twitter, have observed  history repeating itself concerning Chris Brown stans attacking Rihanna online after he attacked her with his fists. 

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Now, they say, it’s the same story, new assailant, new victim.

Survivors of attacks always have the right to come forward. Anyone who would attack their partner deserves all of the consequences that the law can throw at them — and more.

Our hearts go out to Megan Thee Stallion. She is talented, she is beloved, and she is also simply a human being who did not deserve to be a victim of a cruel attack.