Deavan Clegg Blasts 90 Day Fiance Trolls for Viciously Attacking Jihoon, Drascilla, Elicia

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Seeing drama on screen and on social media, 90 Day Fiance fans wonder if Deavan and Jihoon are over.

Deavan is more concerned about the constant attacks agains ther family by trolls who are trying to ruin her life.

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee cry together after

"This isn’t a game," a heartbroken Deavan wrote on her Instagram Stories. "You guys did me in, you win …"

In particular, she identified her latest regret: "Thanks for leaking who Drascilla’s [biological father] is."

"I’m done, you guys win," Deavan declared in the Story post shared by 90 Day Fiance blogging superstar John Yates.

Deavan Clegg is Worn Out

"Thanks a lot," Deavan continued, noting that "there is a reason I have a life-long protective order …"

She has spoken in the past about having endured an abusive relationship. The cruelty of fans discussing him is truly appalling.

Deavan continued her Story post by adding that she was "Shutting down comments."

Deavan Clegg is BACK

"You all really believe everything you see on TV," Deavan lamented.

Recent storylines has led to fans saying vicious, inhumanly vile things about Deavan's family, especially her very young daughter, Drascilla.

"You guys don’t know the truth or half of it," she assured her trolls. "Have fun with your dumb show."

Deavan Clegg IG - if you guys only knew ...

Deavan then went on to remind fans that what they see on 90 Day Fiance is just a small fraction of her life.

She has gone through a bad time -- even sharing that something "horrible" caused her to have to return to the US for a time.

At present, the COVID-19 pandemic has her in Utah with the kids while Jihoon remains in South Korea.

Deavan Clegg Breaks into Tears

As for what she has been through, we only know pieces of it.

We know that she suffered a miscarriage last fall -- within days of someone viciously leaking the news from a private Facebook group.

On top of harassment by the cruelest trolls on the internet, we're sure that there is a lot that she has suffered that we have not seen.

Deavan Clegg explains Jihoon's mistake - he let go of Drascilla

The latest round of hate that has been aimed at Deavan and her family stems from the last episode.

In Season 2, Episode 12, Jihoon sat down Drascilla, who was just barely 3 years old at the time.

Being a normal, energetic 3-year-old, she darted off. The family had to run after her to catch her.

Jihoon Lee - Elicia's right; it's my fault

Drascilla was okay, but viewers then saw Deavan and Elicia chewing out Jihoon for slipping up.

Jihoon did acknowledge that Elicia was right, and that he needed to be more responsible.

He is not experienced with childcare. He didn't know that you need to truly watch young children and hold their hands in public. Now, he does.

Deavan Clegg Daughter Drascilla and a Cat.

Deavan, Jihoon, and Elicia have gotten hate. So have Jihoon's parents -- mostly his mom.

But the things that people have said about Drascilla are appalling and even violent.

People wish her harm. People have commented to Deavan about wishing to see her sweet little daughter die.

Deavan Clegg IG explains what really happened with Drascilla

A lot of the hate was over Deavan and Elicia's verbal reaming of Jihoon, but Deavan says that this is because viewers don't know the whole story.

Deavan says that there was a second incident, one not caught on camera because they had finished filming for the day.

This time, Jihoon was simply distracted and allowed Drascilla to wander off ... where she did end up way, way too close to traffic.

Deavan Clegg, Jihoon Lee, Drascilla, and Taeyang

Two scary incidents like that in one day was too much, which is why Deavan and Elicia were as upset as they were.

In the video that we have included with this post, Deavan speaks to John Yates about the experience, noting that producers had been upset too.

Drascilla was okay, but it was one of those moments where what could have gone wrong factored strongly in everyone's minds.

Deavan Clegg and Daughter Drascilla

Producers had promised to offer a title card explaining what had happened off camera.

Clearly, editors decided that it would be "juicier" if it looked like Deavan and Elicia were overreacting.

That is, after all, how 90 Day Fiance works. With some exceptions, they only show what fits their storyline and what will get the most incendiary reactions.

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