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Just when you thought you had seen it all, with a certain ex-reality star with a penchant for Twitter and a love for murderous dictators in the White House…

… we’ve now been proven wrong.

As it turns out, we have NOT seen it all. Not even close.

Because we hadn’t seen a man set himself on actual fire right down the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — until now.

The Secret Service has confirmed that an unidentified individual took onlookers by scary surprise on Wednesday afternoon when he did exactly what we just described above:

He set himself on fire afternoon in front of sightseers on the Ellipse park in downtown Washington, D.C., not far from the White House.

The Ellipse is a 52-acre park area that lies south of the White House, and north of the National Mall, in the heart of the nation’s capitol.

The fire was ignited just north of the Washington Monument and the frightening incident was captured on a number of phone cameras by those in the vicinity and quickly shared on social media.

Secret Service spokesman Jeffrey Adams has said in a subequent  statement that the agency’s Uniformed Division Officers “responded in seconds” after the “male individual lit himself on fire.”

Officers then began administering first aid to the man and took him to a local hospital.

According to TMZ, his injuries, as of this writing, are considered "life-threatening."

That same website reports that over 70 people from across various agencies swarmed the man and the area around him as soon as he was set ablaze.

No one else appears to have been injured in this dangerous incident.

A spokesman for the Washington Fire Department has also released the following statement to CNBC:

“I can confirm that we’ve transported one patient with burns from the Ellipse and we’re now on the scene assisting law enforcement,” referring to Park Police and U.S. Secret Service officers.

According to the emergency dispatch audio, the man suffered burns on 85% of his body and there also a suspicious package on fire near the man … which was extinguished at the scene.

He has been arrested.

The White House is yet to comment on the situation.

But expect plenty of jokes to be made online about how perhaps this man has stolen a pair of President Trump’s pants and pulled this stunt in order to prove that the Commander-in-Chief is, indeed, a liar liar.

Check out the fiery footage now.