Madison LeCroy Mom-Shames Kristin Cavallari, Achieves Peak Pettiness as Austen Kroll Feud Rages

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Some exes are so messy that they drag others into their bitter breakups.

Earlier this month, Madison LeCroy claimed that Jay Cutler tried to get into her pants.

That is far from the only cheap shot that Madison has taken at Kristin Cavallari.

But did she go too far when she tried to mom-shame Kristin in a vicious, pointlessly cruel video?

Madison LeCroy on shady video - save this Live

Kristin Cavallari is a Laguna Beach alum, of course.

She and Southern Charm star Austen Kroll are friends -- and have emphasized that they are just friends.

Kristin sat on Austen's shoulders and danced to Taylor's "Mean" back in December ... and Madison saw it and is clearly beyond bitter about a simple dance.

Austen Kroll Gets a Breakup Call

In the video, you can see Madison put on an exaggerated "sexy" dance on a couch while Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

It's the kind of dance that you don't put on to seduce -- unless you're 12. It's the kind of dance that you do to mock someone else's dancing.

Madison was clearly parodying Kristin, whom she apparently sees as alarmingly seductive, but that's not the worst part of it.

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

“Don’t worry, my kid is at his dad’s,” Madison says on the Instagram Live video, which we have included in this post.

Referring to Kristin, she then said: “I think when that video was made, [her kids] weren’t, but hey!”

“Oh, I might have to save this Live,” Madison said with delight.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy

There is something so jubilant about Madison's angry war against the very idea that Austen might enjoy his time with friends.

If Madison were shaming him for hanging out and partying during a pandemic, that would be one thing.

But Madison wasn't alone for her video, either. It seems that she's just upset that Austen doesn't seem to be as visibly hurt by the downfall of their relationship as she was.

Justin Anderson, Kristin Cavallari, Austen Kroll, Craig Conover in Nashville

But it's more than that. From the way that these two have feuded, you would think that they had just ended an 8-year-marriage after Austen was caught cheating with Kristin.

Instead, they had an on-again, off-again relationship for a couple of years, one riddled with breakups.

One of the most memorable parts of their, uh, "romance" was from a time when they were broken up -- when Madison arrived and scolded a bewildered Austen for having a threesome.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy Argue

Their relationship itself was toxic, even during the "good" times.

Madison badgering Austen that he wasn't ready to step up and be a stepfather for Madison's 7-year-old wasn't the epic own that she thought that it was.

She was trying to shame him, but she's the one shaming a star of a reality show about, get this, immature rich men. She was looking for love in the wrong place.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy Selfie

The weirdest part of all of this has been Madison roping Jay and Kristin into this post-breakup feud, seemingly to punish Kristin and Austen for their friendship.

Madison has many likeable qualities. Associating herself with Jay Cutler just to jab at Kristin was not an example of any of them.

We know that Southern Charm is the wrong place for maturity, but we'd like to see these bitter exes grow up a little. They're not 15, and they should stop acting like they are.

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