Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8 Trailer: A New Dawn Awaits!

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is preparing to air a new season.

According to this intriguing teaser, however, the VH1 reality star is also prepared to launch a new day -- and a new dawn!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta1

As you're about to find out, the trailer itself doesn't reveal a ton about upcoming episodes, except to state that the following veteran personalities will all play a role:

  • Mimi Faust
  • Scrapp DeLeon
  • Karlie Redd
  • Tokyo Vanity
  • Kirk Frost
  • Rasheeda
  • Stevie J

Based on what we can gather from the Internet, meanwhile, here's an idea of what fans can expect from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8...

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta2

- Scrapp DeLeon will, technically, be out of jail.

He'll remain a state of the ward and legal issues will still hang over him, but Scrapp will be serving out the remainder of his drug trafficking sentence in a Macon halfway house.

His full sentence is up in January of 2021, yet he's hilariously and sort of disturbingly allowed to film the show during this time.

- As for Scrapp and Tommie?

They are almost definitely not back together. The reality stars were spotted in a cloe embrace a few weeks back, so they're on decent terms. But they aren't making love these days.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta date

- Kirk Frost has gotten two women pregnant.

But, hey, at least one of them is his wife, Rasheeda.

- Stevie J is a married man!

And his wife, Faith Evans, may even stop by for an episode or two.

- Tommie Lee is off the show.

For good reason. She is facing decades in prison on child abuse charges.

Tokyo Vanity is now a full-time cast member.

Who knows what the heck to expect from this Season 7 favorite.

- Spice is back.

Look for her skin bleaching controversy to play a significant role in her story. Just how deep will the series explore it, however?

- Erica Mena is also back.

And she's rumored to be pregnant with Safaree's baby!

Erica Dixon has also confirmed she’ll be back.

And she’s been chronicling her own pregnancy on social media, although her baby daddy’s identity remains a mystery

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns Monday, March 25th at 8/7c on VH1. Check out the preview now!

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