Lisa Marie Naegle: See Her Family Confront Her Killer!

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Have you been keeping up with the completely tragic and deeply disturbing story of Lisa Marie Naegle?

The world got to know Lisa Marie when she was a contestant on the classic reality show Bridalplasty back in 2010.

While it would have been wonderful to see more of this woman -- she was a sweetheart on the show -- it won't be possible.

She was brutally murdered early on Sunday morning.

Lisa Marie was at birthday party on Saturday night when she met up with a nursing student of hers, Jackie Jerome Rogers.

They'd allegedly been having an affair, but Lisa Marie tried to end it that night -- something that clearly drove Rogers over the edge.

Lisa Marie Naegle

He struck her repeatedly in the head with a hammer, then buried her body in a shallow grave in his backyard.

And the story only gets worse ...

Rogers confessed to the murder on Sunday morning, hours after it happened, but before he told his story to police, he met with Lisa Marie's family.

They suspected he had something to do with her disappearance, so much that they confronted him at his house.

They recorded their interrogation of Rogers, who, at the time, denied doing anything beyond simply seeing her at the party.

See the unbelievable footage of Lisa Marie's killer in the video below:

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