Leida Margaretha Leaks Private Messages from Deavan Clegg

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90 Day Fiance viewers can learn valuable lessons from watching the shows.

For example, if you want advice on hair care, Big Ed Brown is probably not the person to give it.

In contrast, if you want to get matched up with someone who will make you happy, look no further than Larissa Lima's good friend, Carmen Nys.

Now, The Other Way star Deavan Clegg has learned a difficult, unfair lesson: don't trust Leida Margaretha.

Leida, arguably one of the most hated (possibly the grand champion of this title) 90 Day Fiance stars of all time, struck up a friendship with Deavan last year.

She even babysat baby Taeyang during the Season 1 Tell All special in 2019.

Much more recently, this erstwhile friendship seems to have soured -- because Leida has leaked pages and pages of Deavan's private messages.

The upsetting contents of these messages detail Deavan's allegations of abuse against Jihoon Lee, along with a graphic image of Drascilla's injuries.

You can see that video for yourself here:

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