Lauryn Shannon Goes OFF on Alana Thompson for Pretending to Snort Cocaine

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Late last summer, 14-year-old Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson pretended to snort cocaine while on Instagram Live.

On Mama June: Family Crisis, fans -- and Alana -- came face to face with the fallout and the real world consequences of that impulsive mistake.

Alana Thompson Says That It Was Just a Joke

On Friday's episode, we saw -- and herard -- Lauryn furiously scolding Alana after, on impulse, the high school freshman mimed snorting cocaine.

(We hope that this was dramatized for the cameras, as we're sure that most of the episode was, because no one should yell ... just about ever).

"Alana, seriously what the f--k possessed you to do that?" Lauryn demanded to know.

"All this stuff going on with Mama," she lamented, "and you're sitting here continuously f--king doing stuff!"

Alana Thompson Begs June Shannon to Come Home

Lauryn did not buy into Alana's protestatons that it was a joke, countering: "It's not funny!"

But Alana was deeply distressed and felt cornered as people online and in real life gave her hell for it.

"It was a joke," Alana protested. "Everyone is supposed to laugh about it. I mean, I wasn't trying to make fun of Mama's situation or anything."

"It was just simply a joke, I mean it wasn't even like that," she continued. "Why can't people just take a joke?"

Alana Thompson Makes a Lot of Sense

The reason was not just that it was a potential red flag in terms of how she was handling her mother's arrest and downward spiral.

There were also some immediate, real-world downsides.

In a FaceTime chat with her management, Gina Rodriguez, Alana learned that she had done more than disappoint people.

Some of her business sponsorships, which have kept her financially stable despite her mother's descent, were cutting ties with her.

Alana Thompson Feels Ganged Up Upon

"This is ridiculous. What do you think you're doing?" Gina admonished Alana.

"Why are you smiling?" she asked. "This is not funny!"

'Some of your sponsorships have been calling us and emailing us trying to cancel with you," Gina revealed.

She added: "We've been trying to put out fires all morning."

Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon See What Joshua Efird Has to Show Them

Josh Efird was the one to really drive the message home in an over-the-top, theatrical, made-for-TV kind of way.

He (and production) drove Alana out to a farm where she had to perform gross, manual labor on camera.

While we have no idea how this was not a violation of child labor laws, we do know that a lot of states have exceptions for farming (for no good reason).

However much or little Alana actually did, the point was to show her that her current reality gig is a sweetheart deal compared to other labor.

Alana Thompson Cries on the Couch

Just in case that wasn't enough to convince Alana to shape up, the family also staged an intervention of sorts, with Dr. Ish.

This was where Alana eventually broke down into tears as they gat to the heart of the issue.

That issue -- her mother totally abandoning her for drugs and a man who reportedly threatened to kill her.

Eventually, Alana came to tearfully admit that she felt like a bit of a burden on her family, who assured her that this is not the case.

Alana Thompson Does Not Like What She is Hearing

It is our sincere hope that Alana is also undergoing actual therapy, the kind that is not filmed.

We know that a healthy mental and emotional state is not always conducive to an entertaining reality star, but ... she needs support.

It can be easy to forget that Alana is really going through this, on top of dealing with being a childhood star with a lot of early life trauma.

Seeing her storm away from her sit-down with a camera and producer should be enough to hammer home that some of the drama is very real.

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