Kristen Stewart Pole Dances in Rolling Stones New Music Video, "Ride 'Em On Down!"

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Torn t-shirt that's barely staying in place?  



Check, check, and check. 

Kristen Stewart Looking Hot in Rolling Stones Video Photo

Kristen Stewart's latest super hot endeavor into the creative involved starring in The Rolling Stones' Ride 'Em On Down, and the end result was something to screenshot and perhaps frame. 

Or, you know, at least watch repeatedly, over and over (and over!) again. 

In the video, a rough-and-tumble-looking Kristen smokes incessantly, picks up beer, a police impersonator, and some serious wood.  

When she, you know, weaves her way in and out of the lanes of concrete, which are actually concrete and not ... no? 

Okay, sorry. Never mind. 

Moving on -- in the somewhat-seedy video, Stewart drives a car that matches a really lucky lollipop, and generally projects surly and sassy attitude that we've only dreamed about. 

Some of the very fitting lyrics include, "I'm a dealin' man, still dealing, yeah I'll go keep on dealing till I find myself a bed I got to stop dealing, I believe I'll ride 'em on down/ Well I done stopped dealing, I believe I'll ride 'em on down."

Just saying, since it's pretty doubtful that you paid attention to anything else besides the lovely form of Kristen Stewart in the whole entire video. 

Though the pairing between the Stones and Stewart seems random, it isn't the first time Kristen's been used as a music video muse.

One of her close friends, Jenny Lewis, has this little band, too, and while it's not nearly as popular as that of The Rolling Stones, Stewart's been in several of Lewis' videos, too. 

Multifaceted, multitalented, super gorgeous, and willing to take on one or the other genders.  

Could there be a more beloved celebrity in all of Hollywood right now?  

There might be, but you'll likely be hard-pressed to find one. 

Check out the video below ... it's pretty much a guarantee that you won't regret it, even if you absolutely, positively hated Twilight

Disclaimer: aside from Kristen, we utterly promise that there's nary a Twilight star or a sparkly vampire in sight, and better yet, no heavy, auto-tuned Muse-overload in this video.  

In short -- you're not gonna regret how you spend the next three-plus minutes, and that's a fact. 

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