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Give Kirk Frost points for honesty.

And then take many points away from Kirk Frost for sticking his penis where it definitely did not belong.

In the following bonus clip from last week’s bombshell episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the controversial star opens up to his son and daughter about a rather sensitive issue:

The fact that they may very well have another sibling out in the world.

Kirk Frost Confession
Photo via VH1

Frost is speaking, of course, about Jasmine Washington and the fact that she’s accused Frost of fathering her son, Kannon.

This potential baby daddy scandal has been at the center of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6, which has actually brought Washington on as a full-time cast member, giving viewers the chance to see MAJOR drama play out each week between Frost, Washington and Frost’s wife, Rasheeda.

In the sneak peek below, Frost admits to having sex with Washington.

He tells his kids that he "f-cked up" and that he wishes this was all just a dream.

And even though Rasheea is sticking by her man so far, the marriage is obviously teetering on the edge of collapse.

Photo via VH1

How does daughter Kelsie and son Ky take the news that their father cheated on their mother?

Pretty darn well, all things considered.

Kelsie delivers the most mature piece of advice, telling her dad that “marriage is for better or for worse” and reminding him that he needs to “get it together [and] fix it.” Fast.

Ky then reminds Kirk that “Hillary took Bill back," so, hey, anything is possible!

Affairs don’t get more public or explicit than that and the Clintons still appear to be happy and in love, right?

Go ahead and watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online via the following bonus video and then sound off:

Should Rasheeda continue to give Kirk all these chances? Or should she leave his lying, cheating rear end in the dust?