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As you may have heard, Khloe Kardashian is dating James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

You may have also heard that the Rockets aren’t having their greatest season, and some fans think Khloe is partially responsible.

That’s why The Kardashian Everyone Actually Likes (except for NBA fans in Houston) has taken to her website to clarify that her vagina is in no way to blame for the Rockets’ limp performance.

Clearly, James is having quite an effect on Khloe, as the girl has genitals on her mind in a big way in the following clip.

She literally talks about every kind of junk in the span of about four seconds. Khloe may start out on the topic of her boyfriend’s performance on the court, but she’s talking about a very different kind of balls by the end of the clip.

"Someone’s trying to give me too much power," Khloe tells her webcam at one point.

"My p–sy is f–king powerful, bro, let me tell you that…Don’t give me that much power. And James is the f–king sh-t. So suck my dick and my balls."

That comment might be surprising coming from anyone else in the family (or anyone in the world, for that matter), but that’s the kind of candidness we’ve come to expect from Khloe.