Khloe and Kim Kardashian Gang Up on Kourtney. And It Gets Personal.

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The clash of the Kardashians will continue this coming Sunday night.

In a sneak peek at the next new episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Kim arrived at a private home, with a camera crew obviously in tow because, you know... that's the entire point of a reality series.

Except Kourtney bristles at what she deems an invasion of privacy, getting into it with her sisters over her preferences to NOT publicize every aspect of  her life.


"I'm here for a meeting! Do you wanna come inside? I'm not literally dating anybody," Kourtney tells her curious siblings, who she thinks have ambushed her in an attempt to expose some new romance on the show.

"But we don't know, because we don't know anything about you," Khloe fires back in a hilariously scripted and clearly very fake fight.

While she wasn't with a man at the time this scene was filmed, Kourtney was pretending to be irate that she could have been -- and how dare her loved ones make this known to the world?!?

"What if I actually was, then what?" Kourtney asks. "Like you'd bring the cameras here? It's so disrespectful."


"If I have boundaries, respect them," Kourtney added, as Kim rolls her eyes while saying:

"You and your boundaries."

After Kourtney  takes a dig at Khloe by stating how  she "likes to show every single thing" about her life, Truth's mother says she only does it because "it's our job."

This seems like a fair point.

Khloe Kardashian at the PCAs

However, Kourtney disagrees.

"It's not. There's a fine line," she replies.

In a subsequent confessional, Kim stands by Khloe, explaining how of course it's their job to be candid and adding that Kourtney "hasn't really been open about her personal life on camera" for a few years now.

"All the days Kourtney isn't filming, Khloe and I are picking up the slack and having to share more. If we're not sharing our lives, what is the show?" she  asks.

Kim Kardashian at the Emmys

This is, even by very low Kardashian standards, maybe the dumbest argument in show history.

Khloe ended up accusing her older sister of "coasting" through the program, asking Kourtney if she thinks it's "fair" she's not as open as the rest of her relatives.

"I said I would not share my relationships, that's it," Kourtney responds. "I shared my breakdown crying about having anxiety, I share other things. I'm not like, turn the cameras off!"

Kourtney Kardashian at the PCAs

She will be soon, though.

According to multiple sources, Kourtney may soon leave Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

She remains a cast member for now, though. 

And you can see her in action via the stupid clip featured here!

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