Kendall Jenner Shows Off Nipple Piercings with Insane "Shirt"

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Kendall Jenner stepped out this week wearing what looks like a bed sheet - of the see through variety, and boy did we see through it alright.

While this is not the first sighting of Kendall Jenner's nipple piercing, it is the most up close and personal look at the model we've had yet.

Seriously. This puts even Kylie Jenner to shame.

Maybe not to shame, but it's on that level, given Kendall's midriff, hole-ridden t-shirt and lack of bra, all guaranteeing where our eyes wander.

Why wear a bra if you look like this - and want others to look AT this - we suppose? Though it kind of looks as though that thing has got to hurt.

Don't you think, people? At least a little bit?

Perhaps we're just over-thinking this here.

In fact, we definitely are over-thinking it. The 19-year-old is free to take it out anytime she damn well wishes, so we'll assume she's happy with it.

That said, we might as well be happy too.

The more she wants to express herself, to advance her career as well as the viral buzz that surrounds her, the more we can get behind that.

It's Kendall's world, and the rest of us are just living in it, but damned if she doesn't make it more enjoyable to be in the presence of greatness.

Nicely played, KJ. Very nicely played.

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