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Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi married but are not yet able to live together.

Tuning in to the Tell All special separately, it is clear that they still have unresolved issues as Angela accuses him of having a wandering eye.

On Sunday, September 27, the first part of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Tell All special begins.

In this sneak peek, host Shaun Robinson asks Angela Deem about her ridiculous club tantrum just before her wedding.

As viewers may recall, Angela snapped after deciding that Michael’s eyes were, instead of looking at her, facing a (fully clothed) dancing woman.

Angela Deem furious face and bride to be sash at the club

Specifically, Angela wants to know why Angela feels like this was somehow the fault of her age.

"For you to look at other younger women in my presence, it makes me feel like maybe everybody’s right, maybe I shouldn’t be marrying a younger man," Angela explains.

"Because obviously," she accuses, "he can’t even look at me in public instead of looking at other women."

Angela Deem in a dong crown and bride to be sash

Angela recalls her state of mind: "I’m thinking, ‘I’m getting ready to marry this man and he just made me feel like s–t.’"

Colt Johnson, of all people, chimes in to support Angela — we guess that toxic manipulators have to have each other’s backs.

He tells Michael that he could have "defended Angela’s honor" instead of, we suppose, having the audacity to have eyes and view his surroundings.

Angela Deem - let's go, Jo

"I tried to be okay," Angela claims. "Me and Jo [were] talking to him, and Michael … it pisses me off thinking about it."

"He looks between me and Jo, watching the girl," Angela says.

"And he doesn’t know that we see him?" she marvels. "I mean, he knows we’re looking at him."

Angela Deem - you look, you look, you have a good time

At this point, Elizabeth and Andrei call Michael "sneaky" for having functioning eyes. Okay.

Shaun tries to give Michael a chance to speak up for himself, but Angela of course interrupts before Michael can even open his mouth.

"He has a good-looking friend, Dre," Angela recalls. "So I sat there, and I said ‘Watch, Michael … I’m gonna get his attention, one way or another.’"

Angela Deem - don't f--king play that game with me

"I started dancing with his friends," Angela shares. "And his friend was getting in it, getting in it, and I said, ‘Yup, I’m gonna make Michael jealous.’"

"He was too busy enjoying me dancing with his friend," she accuses, "so he could get a glare out of his eye like this at the girl’s cooter. Son of a b–ch."

Angela, deliberately trying to make her fiance jealous before their wedding, determined that he was gazing at the genitals of a fully clothed woman, and imagines that she’s the sympathetic party.

Michael Ilesanmi at the Tell All (Season 5 preview)

As must be a regular experience for someone married to Angela, Michael shakes his head in embarrassment.

He explains that he was not jealous of Angela and Dre dancing because he trusts both of them.

Wow! Imagine that! Someone secure in his relationship instead of being a deranted, frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic who bombards their partner with verbal abuse!

Later, Shaun asks Larissa if she would feel jealous if Eric received a lap dance from a stripper — something that is a far cry from Michael glancing at a clothed woman, and also something that has happened.

Larissa says no, she would not feel jealous.

She knows that strippers are after money and are not trying to steal away her boyfriend.

Weirdly, this is when Elizabeth says, her voice dripping with unexplained venom: "She would know, because she’s a f–king stripper."

Do you ever get the impression that Elizabeth isn’t necessarily a good person? Because little moment like this really give off that vibe.

Anyway, Larissa tells her to "shut up," while Eric says that Andrei would be at the strip club in this hypothetical circumstance. Andrei laughs and Elizabeth shoots down Eric’s claim.