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Karen McDougal broke her silence on CNN last night.

The former Playmate of the Year sat opposite Anderson Cooper and discussed in detail her affair with Donald Trump.

As previously reported, this McDougal-Trump affair took place in 2006 and lasted about 10 months, with the pair having met at a party at the Playboy Mansion.

McDougal is now suing the company that buried her story over many years ago and which has pressured her to remain silent about her time with the current President.

Photo via CNN

In the lengthy interview with Cooper, McDougal talks openly about how she was "intimate" with Trump, describing their first night together and admitting they were in love.

She says they dropped the L-Bomb to each other on multiple occasions.

She adds that they often met up in Beverly Hills, but that she also was given a tour of The Donald’s apartment in Trump Tower at one point.

She kept notes about their romance in her diary and she told her sister all about it; the relationship wasn’t a secret nor, McDougal says, did Trump ever ask her to keep it as one.

Oh, and she says Trump tried to pay her for sex after their first go-around in bed.

Karen McDougal Talks Trump

"I want to share my truth because everyone else is talking about my truth," McDougal said at one point, adding:

"I need to share my story. … I’ve never talked, since the day it happened. I have refused to speak publicly, privately even.

"My friends know, my family know, but nobody else knows. I wanted to keep it quiet. But now that it’s out, I need to control it."

McDougal is one of two women at the moment, along with a porn star named Stormy Daniels, who is angling to tell the world about her sexual dalliance with Trump.

In this sit-down, she comes across as rather calm and collected, with the exception of one response.

Karen McDougal in a Cap
Photo via Instagram

When Cooper asks McDougal what she would like to say to Melania Trump, who had just given birth to son Barron at the time Karen starting doing her husband, McDougal gets a bit misty-eyed.

"What can you say except, I’m sorry?" McDougal responds. "I’m sorry. I wouldn’t want it done to me."

Watch this emotional segment of the interview below: