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Kanye West met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday, October 11.

Reporters were on hand to document to totally ridiculous event, too, which included Kanye rambling about how much money he makes… how unfairly citizens treat the President… and why the 13th amendment really should be abolished.

(This is the amendment that calls for the permanent end to slavery.)

It was quite a spectacle.

And, as we summarize below, it even left President Trump speechless…

But there was one part of this meeting that Kanye may regret.

It wasn’t anything he said to the Trump, despite how utterly insane and ignorant the rapper sounded during his 10-minute rant in front of the cameras.

Instead, it was the time he accidentally revealed his iPhone password to the entire world.

Really. This happened.


After rambling about such topics as bipolar disorder, “male energy,” Superman, alternate universes and the Unabomber, West said he wanted to show the President a photo.

It was off the type of plane he believes the Commander-in-Chief ought to fly in.

"This right here is the iPlane 1. It’s a hydrogen-powered airplane, and this is what our president should be flying in. Look at this, Jared,” he said, hilariously showing the picture to Jared Kushner.

Trump, evidently impressed, responded, “We’ll get rid of Air Force 1."

Kanye in the White House

But here’s the thing:

In order to get to the snapshot on his phone, Kanye had to type in his password.

And SportsNet New York’s Kenny Ducey was able to zoom in and get a close-up of West as he pulled out the piece of technology and typed in his secret number…

… which is not to secret anymore.

Watch the very brief video featured on this page to learn the password!