Jonathan Cheban Replaces BFF Kim Kardashian With Her Lookalike: WATCH

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Jonathan Cheban is probably the most annoying reality show best friend in history.

Famous only for following Kim Kardashian around like a puppy, we surmise the only reason she keeps him on is because few others would be able to tolerate her level of narcissism.

But in this preview clip for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it appears a wedge has been driven between the BFFs, and it looks exactly like Kim.

Because the real Kim has been shunning Cheebs of late, he decided to go out and get a brand new Kim - a Kim Kardashian lookalike named Kamilla Osman.

Not weird at all.

With Kamilla in tow, Jonathan "accidentally" bumps into Kim at the plastic surgery center they so often frequent.

Kim explains that she is there waiting for a friend while Jonathan says he wants to get something on his eye lasered. 

He introduces Kim and Kamilla and it's crazy awkward.

"Nice to meet you, finally," Kamilla tells Kim, who is looking pretty stunned.

Jonathan then guilt-trips Kim for not spending enough time with him.

"I was taking her with me because you're too busy to hang out with me but meanwhile you're here hanging out with somebody so I'm pissed," he tells her.

"This is super awkward," Kim says in her confessional to camera. "The fact that Jonathan would take it to this level is so bizarre to me."

Jonathan then says he had a great lunch with his bestie clone and the two women take some selfies together, resplendent with duck lips.

But while she keeps her cool around Kamilla, Kim isn't pleased with her friend's antics.

"Jonathan's trying to rub this in my face and make me feel like some type of way, but I don't," she told the camera. "Having two kids is a lot and, like, your priorities just change."

"Jonathan can go and try all he wants to go and replace me, but he can't. Go try, honey, go try."

Watch below:

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