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Johnny Manziel’s downward spiral continued last week, when the disgraced QB was spotted hanging out with troubled reality star Scott Disick at 1 Oak in Vegas. 

TMZ caught up with Manziel in LA Monday night as he made his way from The Nice Guy to the Ace of Diamonds strip club.

Not surprisingly, Johnny Football didn’t have much to say about his recent career and legal troubles, but he opened right up when the conversation turned to his new buddy Scott.

"The Lord knows what’s up," a raspy-voiced Manziel excitedly told the pap when asked about his friendship with Disick.

It’s funny, but if you’re a Browns fan, or just someone who’s concerned about Manziel’s well-being, it’s not great news that he’s BFFs with "the Lord."

Recently, Disick announced that he’s drinking again, despite having completed his sixth stint in rehab late last year.

Manziel entered rehab last month, but as you can see, he’s clearly not too concerned about maintaining his sobriety.

Given the recent allegations that Manziel assaulted his girlfriend and threatened to commit suicide during a recent bender, you would think he’d be trying his best to keep his nose clean, but obviously that’s not the case.

The 23-year-old’s family has publicly begged him to seek treatment, and he may not have a job with the Browns for much longer, but it seems there’s not much that can convince Manziel to stay off the bottle.

Hopefully, the decade-older Disick will sit him down and say, "Hey, you have a career and I don’t. Let me do the boozing for both of us."