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Clearly, Jill Duggar Dillard has had better weeks.

First, she shared a photo of a baby casket, totally out of the blue, and got some pretty intense backlash from some upset fans.

Now, she was just trying to run some simple errands when she got injured. And yes, there’s video, and she’s shared it with us.

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"So, this happened today," Jill Duggar’s video, shared to her Instagram Stories, begins.

"Love Sam’s food, but … " she writes in the captions.

"Ouch, ya’ll," Jill declares, explaining:

"I rammed my shin into that bar on the cart."

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If you’re not familiar with what she means, don’t worry, both this snapshot and the video itself illustrate what she means.

"WHY does it stick out so far?" she laments.

The captions on screen continue along with the video.

"Was so trying to act like I wasn’t limping while I wanted to cry," Jill confesses.

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"I think it hurts worse the older you get," she assesses.

Jill continues: "I think my mom used to say that, lol."

We trust that she’ll understand if we’re not amused by anything that Michelle Duggar might say about children experiencing pain.

"And," she adds in a fainter note. "I need to shave lol."

"This video doesn’t do it justice," Jill admits.

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"Hurts so bad," she expresses, continuing to detail her ordeal online for reasons unknown.

Jill describes her injury: "And has a raised bump and turned blue/green right away."

Just because it’s not visible on camera doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt.

Speaking to the camera during the video, Jill admits that she hasn’t been to Sam’s in a while.

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She finds the carts "super tall," which is pretty standard for a short person to say. But the bar underneath is what hit her shins.

Gotta be honest, I’ve had this happen to me before, if not recently, and it is every bit as agonizing as Jill suggests.

When a metal bar strikes your shin, it is almost directly hitting your bone. It’s pretty rough to be honest.

So what is the solution to this?

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Most shoppers simply have to learn the hard way, sadly, then find a way to adapt and remember that there is a hazard.

But it sounds like Jill is hoping that Sam’s will change their carts. You never know. The Duggars do have clout in NW Arkansas.

One solution would be to raise the bar just a few inches, which would vastly lower the odds of shin-strikes like Jill experienced.

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By raising that bar, the person’s legs would have to be that much closer to the cart in order to hit it. Injuries would go way down.

It would also decrease the potential volume of the cart in terms of carrying groceries. A few inches can go a long way.

Jill may of course face criticism for shopping at a chain notorious for union-busting and for allegedly being anti-worker.

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(Confession: though I’ve never been in a Sam’s Club, I do order their toilet paper in bulk because it’s the best! I apologize for my own weakness.)

But hopefully critics will consider Jill’s injury to be, like, karma or at least a mitigating factor.

Remember that not all communities have shopping options, and some entire towns rely upon Wal-Mart and Sam’s for most of their shopping.