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At this point, Jessa Duggar is sadly accustomed to being mom-shamed.

It’s something she deals with on a very regular basis, and amazingly, it seems her commenters have become even more unforgiving in recent weeks.

Jessa can’t even give her kids a quarantine haircut without a parade of trolls lining up to tell her she’s doing it wrong.

So it should come as no surprise that fans took issue with Jessa’s latest cooking video, in which two of her kids use a pretty sizable chef’s knife while helping her prepare chicken noodle soup.

The objection is that Henry is only 4, and Spurgeon is 3, and … well, that’s a damn big knife.

"Jessa is a complete fool. She also let Henry use the chef’s knife," wrote one commenter on Facebook.

Jessa Duggar In Quarantining

"This is just ignorant. Henry is only three and still wears a diaper."

"This is very dangerous. Spurgeon is way too young to be using a knife to cut vegetables. What in the world was Jessa thinking?" another user remarked.

"Fricking dumbass. Kids should not be touching a sharp knife," a third chimed in.

You get the idea.

Son Snuggling

This is one of those cases where there are rational arguments to be made on both sides.

Yes, that’s a very big knife for a very young child, but at the same time, Jessa is right there, and she’s clearly supervising carefully.

The Duggars pride themselves on taking a "free range" approach to child-rearing when their kids are very young — allowing them to sustain minor injuries in the name of making their own mistakes.

However, they do a complete 180 once the the kids reach their teen years, imposing all sorts of oppressive "courtship rules" on them.

Jessa Duggar Is Wearing Pants

Seems sorta backwards as the consequences of a toddler running around a pool have the potential to be much more disastrous than anything that might happen on an unchaperoned date between two consenting young adults, but what do we know?

As usual, we won’t necessarily defend Jessa’s actions, but we will defend her right to do something stupid without 3,000 people piling on and telling her how stupid it is.

Something like 1 to 2,000 people would be sufficient.