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We interrupt your wondering over whether or not Jon Snow will be brought back to life on Game of Thrones Season 6 to bring you another important question:

Might Tyrion be killed this spring?!?

HBO has released a lengthy new trailer for the return of everyone’s favorite show – and even though it doesn’t feature any new footage, the video still has folks talking.

That’s because it takes us inside the House of Black and White’s face repository, that place where Arya seemingly went blind to close out Season 5.

And it gives us a look at many familiar, dead character, hearing brief quotes from each as we see their faces (Robb Stark intones that he’s "won every battle, but is losing this war," while Catelyn Stark says to "show them how it feels to lose what they love.").

Yes, Jon Snow is included in this montage, but that is not the shocker.

This is: So is Tyrion!

And we see his face just as Jon Snow says the word "Dead."

Would Game of Thrones really kill off its most popular character? We put nothing past this series, although the teaser could easily be a misdirection of some kind.

Check it out now and prepare for Game of Thrones to return with new episodes on Sunday, April 24.