Dylan Dreyer: Pregnant!

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This is friggin' adorable.

During a Fishbowl Q&A segment of Today (how else do you fill 5 hours of morning programming?), meteorologist Dylan Dreyer selected a random (we think) question from the giant fishbowl.

After reading the question to herself, Dreyer looked off-camera and said "Really?  You guys need some new jokes."

When the other talent, which included Savannah Guthrie (who announced her second pregnancy earlier this week), Al Roker, Carson Daly and Tamron Hall asked if Dreyer really selected such a spot-on question, she showed them the proof, and then made her big reveal.

"Look it really says, 'Are you pregnant?' and yes I am!"

The entire set erupted in cheers, and Guthrie was especially excited to have a preggo co-worker.

"Shut the front door!" Daly said as he threw his script up in the air.

Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera already found out the sex of the baby - Dreyer filled balloons with blue confetti to surprise Fichera - so she filled a black balloon for her co-hosts, and had Hall do the honors of popping the balloon.

Said balloon was popped, and blue confetti went everywhere.

The little baby boy will make his arrival this December. 

"Brian and I have been married for almost four years," Dreyer, 34, wrote on Today's site.

"Four wonderful years that included a move to New York City and a new dream-come-true job at the TODAY Show. We weren't in a rush to have kids and, to be honest, there was a time when we declared we never wanted kids!

"Then one day we both looked at each other and said, 'I want a baby!' As usual, we were on the same page and it all just seemed right.

"Now, here I am, writing my first ever blog about a BABY! It was a tiny little secret we kept among a small circle in our family, and I can now scream it from the rooftops: 'I'M PREGNANT!!!' And now I can scream, 'OH CRAP!!!!"

"I've asked people to try to explain to me why having a baby changes your life in a way you could never imagine. No one can put it into words, but when I saw this little guy and watched him dance around and touch his hand to his face, I fell in love instantly. A love I, too, can't put into words.

"P.S. We didn't plan the timing of a December baby to get out of winter storm coverage…I swear."

Dreyer joined the Today show in 2012 from NBC affiliate WHDH in Boston, MA.

Watch the video below for Dreyer's reveal in full.

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