Diddy's Arrest Inspires New Workout: WATCH!

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Just a day after Diddy was arrested for attacking his son’s assistant football coach with a kettlebell, the incident is being mocked by gym rats and workout fiends.

“The Diddy Workout” is a mockery of the attack.  In the workout, exercisers do a few reps with kettlebells while belting out Diddy’s catchphrase, “take that, take that.”

The workout made its rounds on the internet.  And it is a real thing people are doing in the gym.  As silly as it sounds, trainers are actually incorporating “The Diddy Workout” into their classes.

I’ll stick with yoga…

After spending a little time in the on-campus jail cell, Diddy was transported to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center.  And, thankfully, the UCLA coach was not seriously injured.

Exercisers may get a workout, but Diddy might face felony charges for making terrorist threats during the incident.

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